CSI Health telemedicine solutions come in several different packages. One of those packages is the telemedicine cart. The cart isn’t quite the full telemedicine kiosk, but it offers more than our X-1 mobile unit. In short, a telemedicine cart features remote diagnostic capabilities with full access to centralized physicians.

The entire telemedicine kiosk principle is designed around giving patients access to remote healthcare screening. From the physician’s standpoint, diagnostic capabilities are critical. Our goal with the telemedicine cart is to combine the best of both so that patients and physicians benefit from utilizing the solution.

On-Board Diagnostics

The telemedicine cart can be equipped with a full range of diagnostic tools. Our solutions include:

  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Dermascope
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Glucometer
  • Otoscope
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Ultrasound/Sonogram.

On-board diagnostics offer physicians an opportunity to learn exactly what is going on with a patient above and beyond what a conversation between the two reveals. Moreover, diagnostic data is accessible by the physician in real time to enhance the capabilities of remote healthcare. That’s because the telemedicine cart remains connected to the clinician’s computer system and medical records.

A Live, Secure Connection

The continual connection between telemedicine cart and clinician network is a live, secure connection that bridges the gap otherwise common to remote medicine. Systems communicate just as they would if they were located in the same physical building.

What does this mean for the clinician? It means real-time data and electronic health record (PHR) access. It means being able to effectively combine data from the patient’s history with current data being produced by the telemedicine solutions on-board diagnostics.

For the patient, it means enjoying a consultation that is based on a combination of conversation and relevant diagnostic data rather than just a conversation alone. It gives patients the peace of mind that doctors have enough diagnostic tools to figure out what is going on.

Ideal Telemedicine Locations

A telemedicine cart could be the single most important tool to clinicians wanting to offer remote care options. That being the case, we believe there are some ideal locations perfectly suited to not only telemedicine, but also the telemedicine cart. If you are a physician looking at expanding through remote care, think secondary locations like:

  • Retail Outlets – Telemedicine has made it to the retail environment by way of pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, etc. We believe retail outlets are the next frontier in terms of primary care expansion.
  • Corporate Clinics – As companies choose to establish better corporate wellness programs, telemedicine offers exciting opportunities. A telemedicine cart would be ideal for any corporate wellness clinic.
  • Government Buildings – Local and state governments can utilize telemedicine carts to offer the people they serve remote primary care on-site. You can partner with them.
  • Rural Practices – Physicians looking to grow their practices can open secondary offices in rural locations, utilizing telemedicine carts for primary care. Rural patients would then have access to local care rather than having to drive great distances to see a doctor.

There are as many secondary locations as clinicians and their staff can dream up. The key is to think of secondary locations as a remote expansion of the current practice or clinic. A secondary location is a satellite office of sorts.

Healthcare is changing rapidly. At the forefront of that change is how services are delivered to patients. In a world of convenience and online conductivity, meeting changing patient needs means figuring out how to provide care remotely. 

We believe the best option is to expand into remote healthcare through secondary locations powered by telemedicine carts and kiosks. We commit ourselves to designing the best solutions complete with on-board diagnostics.