School-Based Health Centers (SBHC)

We partner with Healthcare Providers and Federally Qualified Health Centers to accelerate the implementation of School-Based Health Centers. We help ensure that students have the diagnostic care they need and the opportunity to stay at school while receiving top-quality care from medical professionals. By integrating hospital-grade diagnostic peripherals directly into telemedicine workflows, students can get a full consultation from a local healthcare provider without ever leaving the school.

Improving Attendance

When a student begins to feel bad, the priority for both the parent and the school is to consult with a medical professional. Traditionally, this involves leaving the school to visit a doctor’s office. We design school-based health centers where everything needed for a thorough evaluation of the patient can be done on school premises.

Providing Faster Treatment

Telemedicine can facilitate rapid diagnosis and treatment by allowing FQHCs to remotely access diagnostic tools and consultations with healthcare professionals. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to identify health issues and initiate appropriate treatment, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Diagnostic Telemedicine In Our Schools

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