Diagnostic Telemedicine Cart

Centralized Physicians, Remote Diagnostics

Wellness and Diagnostic Screening Kiosk

This cutting-edge healthcare kiosk allows healthcare providers an easy way to establish secondary locations for patient screenings and/or diagnostic testing while staying connected to the medical professional and the medical records system. Ideal locations for these kiosks include retail, pharmacies, government buildings, corporate wellness settings, rural practices, etc. 

Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic devices available include Ultrasound/Sonogram, Digital Stethoscope, 12-Lead EKG/ECG, Dermascope, Otoscope, Pulse Oximeter, Infrared Thermometer, Glucometer, and Blood Pressure Cuff.

Telehealth Connectivity

Our X-1 Kiosk includes all the diagnostic devices of the X-1 Mobile Unit in a convenient static kiosk. Telehealth connectivity and our proprietary software make this the ultimate choice for retail, pharmacy, and corporate environments.

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