Telemedicine, For Your Intended Application

At CSI Health, we recognize the significance of creating seamless telehealth experiences. Our user-friendly software enables medical professionals to effortlessly gather crucial information during live telehealth consultations, ensuring a streamlined and effective patient interaction.

Integrated Diagnostics

The custom platform empowers medical professionals to seamlessly input patient data, and conduct diagnostic exams via integrated diagnostic devices for automatic biometric capture. The user-friendly interface operates on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ equipped with CSI Health’s Diagnostic API. Operators can select from real-time examination or predefined health screening workflows.

The X1 Mobile is versatile, enabling synchronous telemedicine sessions in connected environments and store-and-forward mode in offline settings. The kit offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, with the flexibility to adapt to cellular or satellite modem options based on customer requirements.

Digital Stethoscope
High-Definition Dermascope
High-Definition Otoscope
12 Lead EKG/ECG
Pulse Oximeter
Infrared Thermometer
Blood Pressure Cuff

Custom API Integration

And User Interface

We work closely with each customer to create a tailored solution for data capture and transmission, including custom UI/UX to match their brand. Our API-driven Telemedicine Platform seamlessly integrates hospital-grade devices for remote biometric data capture. Data can easily be integrated into their EMR/EHR or securely transmitted to HIPAA compliant servers, on-site or in the cloud, with flexible file transfer options.

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