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With the QuickCheck Kiosk, we can promote health awareness within communities by offering convenient access to essential health assessments and information that can be utilized in any location. Embrace the future of health monitoring and enjoy the convenience of comprehensive health at your fingertips.

QuickCheck Kiosk

CSI Health’s QuickCheck Kiosk is a user-friendly health monitoring system designed to provide individuals with easy access to essential health assessments. The kiosk offers a range of diagnostic tests, including biometric measurements such as blood pressure, heart rate, and body composition analysis. Users simply interact with the kiosk’s intuitive interface to initiate these tests, and the results are promptly displayed, promoting health awareness and encouraging proactive healthcare management within the community.

Benefits of the QuickCheck Kiosk

Access without Boundaries

Easily accessible health checks for all, including underserved communities.


A completely automated workflow rapidly guides the user through a custom,pre-configured donor screening process.


Combining the efficiencies of OctaPass with automated health screening kiosks allows the donor to complete the majority of the screening process with limited demand for personnel.


Hospital-Grade Medical Devices combined with professional service and calibration services create next-level health screening accuracy


Direct integration with NexLink allows the biometric information to flow seamlessly into the established donor flow process.

Community Health

Promotes regular checkups and early detection, potentially lowering long-term healthcare costs.

Features of the QuickCheck Kiosk


The QuickCheck Dashboard presents the user with the available diagnostics. The user can decide to start at the beginning and go through all the tests or can choose any specific test to do individually.


The QuickCheck interface efficiently steps the user through a series of diagnostic tests. The entire experience is driven by a touchscreen allowing the user to tap and swipe their way rapidly through the process.

Product Details

QuickCheck revolutionizes health screening with its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it offers essential tests for overall well-being, allowing easy navigation and instant results. Its robust design ensures accuracy in medical facilities, gyms, or workplaces, making it the ultimate health monitoring kiosk. Embrace the future of health assessment with QuickCheck.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Measure your blood pressure accurately with the integrated blood pressure cuff. QuickCheck provides systolic and diastolic readings, enabling you to gauge your blood pressure levels effectively and take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Weight measurement

Track your weight and calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)effortlessly with an Integrated load cell. By simply sitting on the seat, QuickCheck records your weight, providing you with essential data to monitor your fitness journey.

Temperature measurement

Wireless infrared (IR) thermometer enables you to record your body temperature without any physical contact. Experience hassle-free temperature measurements.

Case Studies with QuickCheck Kiosks

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