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With the X1 Mobile Kit, patients can be reached regardless of their location or access to traditional medical facilities. It is also a convenient solution inside medical facilities, serving as a self-contained, ruggedized health screener that can be deployed quickly and effectively.

X1 Mobile Kit

The X1 Mobile Kit by CSI Health delivers comprehensive healthcare services to patients lacking access to traditional facilities. Medical professionals can easily input patient information, conduct diagnostic exams with integrated biometric tools, and use a touch-enabled interface on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ with CSI Health’s Diagnostic API. Operators have the flexibility to choose between ad-hoc exams or predefined health screening workflows. Additionally, the X1 Mobile is versatile, supporting both synchronous telemedicine sessions in connected environments and store-and-forward functionality when Internet access is limited. It offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities and can adapt to cellular or satellite modem options as needed.

Benefits of the X1 Mobile Kit

Access without Boundaries

Our platform erases geographical barriers, making quality care universally accessible.

Ease of Use

Features a user-friendly interface on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ with touch controls, ensuring ease of use for healthcare providers, even in challenging environments.


Operates in store-and-forward mode when internet connectivity is unavailable, ensuring continuity of healthcare services in remote or disconnected areas.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Allows medical professionals to conduct diagnostic exams using integrated peripherals, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments.

Telemedicine Capability

Supports synchronous telemedicine sessions, enabling real-time consultations between patients and healthcare providers.

Versatile Connectivity

Equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities and can be adapted for cellular or satellite modem connection.

Features of the X1 Mobile Kit


The QuickCheck interface efficiently steps the user through a series of diagnostic tests. The entire experience is driven by a touchscreen allowing the user to tap and swipe their way rapidly through the process.

Product Details

The X-1 Mobile Unit by CSI Health is a fully customizable telemedicine system, incorporating a range of FDA-approved, USA-manufactured diagnostic devices and featuring a high-performance laptop for seamless remote telehealth connectivity. This system is constructed upon a modular, plug-and-play framework, enabling end-users to select the specific USB-connected diagnostic devices required for their particular application. Each of these devices has been seamlessly integrated into our custom API, ensuring the secure transmission of the captured biometric data from the system.

Customers can choose to integrate directly into their medical records system (EMR/EHR) and transmit the data to secure, HIPPA-compliant servers either on-premises or in the cloud, or through a variety of other secure file transfer methodologies. We consult with each customer to design a custom solution from data capture to transmission. We can also work with each client to design a custom UI/UX that is privately branded and fits within pre-established brand standards.

Standard Devices

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Wireless pulse oximeter
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Wireless HD Dermascope
  • Wireless HD Otoscope
  • Storage Compartment
  • Top Plate

Premium Devices

  • Spirometer
  • 12-Lead EKG

Case Studies with QuickCheck Kiosks

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Leaders in Military Innovation

Having been awarded multiple Small Business Innovation Research Grants by the Air Force, CSI Health is quickly becoming a leader in both diagnostic and expeditionary telemedicine. We develop personal health and occupational health assessment solutions for the Air Force Reserve Component and are actively developing expeditionary telemedicine capabilities to bring life-saving telemedicine to forward austere environments.

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