CSI Health

An Industry Leader in Telemedicine Solutions

Corporate History

CSI is a privately held, telehealth technology company providing customized telemedicine solutions to healthcare professionals, assisted-living facilities, corporate wellness programs, retail, pharmacies, and more. CSI Health was found in 1978 and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. It was one of the first companies to move medical testing information from self-service kiosks into the cloud.

The company has expanded over the years, initially offering health screening kiosks nationwide that were primarily utilized by companies as part of an employee health and wellness program, or as a means by which to provide convenient, in-store screening for retail customers, especially in pharmacies. They began integrating telehealth connectivity and utilizing cloud-based solutions to expand their product offering.

With the widespread adoption of telemedicine as a viable and necessary means of healthcare delivery, CSI Health continues to innovate with their X-1 Series of telemedicine solutions including the X-1 Mobile Unit, the X-1 Kiosk, and the X-1 Virtual Clinic. The company provides a core group of products, offering a range of choice for customers, from ultimate patient screening privacy to efficient and quick, volume-driven screenings; from stationary / fixed location to extreme mobility; from simple durability for years of repeated screening use to extreme operational ruggedness for use at various applications including oil field work sites or military deployment.

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