It goes without saying that CSI Health is a proponent of helping employees maintain good physical health through corporate wellness programs. But as important as physical health is, genuine wellness goes beyond the condition of the body. True wellness encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

For that reason alone, corporate wellness programs should not be purely physical in nature. There is absolutely room for onsite biometric screening. We still believe that corporate healthcare clinics powered by telemedicine kiosks and staffed by advanced practice nurses represent a fantastic way to contribute to employee wellbeing. But we also believe corporate wellness programs should go further.

The Physical Aspects of Wellness

Physical wellbeing is obviously important. It is also clear that a corporate health clinic should not strive to take the place of an employee’s family doctor, or specialists for that matter. But routine primary care can be seamlessly offered in a corporate healthcare setting without issue. A corporate clinic is also an ideal place for employees to get nutrition information, participate in daily exercise, etc.

We believe the right telehealth solutions can be put to use in a corporate wellness setting. The trick is figuring out the types of solutions that are most appropriate to a given workplace. Get it right and an employer can contribute to better physical health among its workers.

The Mental Aspects of Wellness

Good mental health, like good physical health, is a vital component of overall wellbeing. Even the most physically healthy person can find themself in a bad place if their mental health is not good. Employers are becoming keenly aware of this fact. They are coming to the realization that their corporate wellness programs need to include mental health benefits.

If we learned anything from the COVID pandemic, it is that modern life puts a lot more pressure on people compared to 50 years ago. We live in a much more stressful world. Combining the stresses of daily life with the pressures of work can make for a very unhealthy situation.

Again, telehealth solutions can help. They represent just one way to offer mental health benefits to employees. By deploying telehealth solutions onsite, employers make mental health services available without having to go off site. The convenience of onsite services may be enough to encourage employees to use them more often.

The Spirit Component

In wrapping up with the spirit component, we purposely avoided the word ‘spiritual’ so as not to confuse what we’re talking about with religious expression. That said, there are an endless number of things that can influence a person’s spirit.

Exciting news can lift the person’s spirit. Positive things like buying a house, welcoming a new baby, and getting married can all lead to a person feeling better in spirit. On the other hand, a person’s spirit can be depressed as a result of negative experiences.

One thing that immediately comes to mind is financial stress. When people find themselves under the stress and strain of financial problems, it can be difficult to find joy in even the simplest things of life. And when that happens, depressed spirits can spill over into the workplace.

Could it be that the recent emergence of financial wellness benefits is the result of employers figuring this out? It is possible. Either way, employers are gradually coming to understand that corporate wellness needs to go beyond just the physical.

We cannot help you craft a comprehensive corporate wellness program for your company. Nor would we try to. But we can help you implement your plan where telehealth solutions are concerned. If you would like to learn more, let’s talk.