Wellness Screening Kiosks

For Retail or Corporate Wellness Programs

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LC500 Wellness Kiosk

Internet Ready: Easy integration into any network for real-time collection and management of data. Utilize the Group-Stat system for increased data management capabilities.

Body Fat (Optional): Body composition measured accurately using the non-invasive bioimpedance method.

Pulse Oximeter (Optional): Provides real-time evaluation of blood oxygen levels.

Barcode Reader: Provides convenient employee/loyalty card identification.

Magnetic Stripe Reader (Optional): Supports magnetic stripe based identification cards

Peripheral Input Ports: Infrared and USB (standard and mini) for interfacing with personal health devices,

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LC300 Blood Pressure Kiosk

Providing Value For:

Companies of all sizes promoting wellness to improve the health of their employees and reduce health care costs

Pharmacies as a community service enhancing professional image, prescription business, and customer loyalty

Hospital outpatient clinics, busy doctors’ offices, and dental practices to obtain accurate and reliable vital sign reading with minimal staff assistance

Fitness Centers to provide a valuable and popular member service before and after workouts

Community and organizational outreach programs

Senior centers, retirement communities and anywhere people gather.



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