Elevate the Level of Care

Real Diagnostics. Virtual Physicians.

Virtual Telemedicine Clinics

We outfit existing office and clinical spaces with our Diagnostic Telemedicine Solution creating a Hybrid Telemedicine Model that elevates the level of care and enhances the patient experience. No need to invest in expensive hardware!

Virtual Telemedicine Hub

Based on overwhelming customer demand, CSI Health has added a Virtual Telemedicine Clinic Solution to its list of product offerings. We integrate our custom Peripheral Device API and Peripherals into existing office and clinical spaces turning any room into a Virtual Clinic. We can configure the space to include immersive flat screen TVs to improve the virtual physician experience, or contain the workflow with a laptop or tablet.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to add telemedicine to your healthcare offering while including point-of-care diagnostic peripherals.

Hybrid Telemedicine Features

Integrated Diagnostic Devices
Automatic Biometric Data Capture
Synchronous Physician Consultations
Systems Agnostic, API-Driven Model

Hospital-Grade Peripherals

Integrated Diagnostic Devices Include:

Digital Stethoscope
Wireless, HD Dermoscope
Wireless, HD Otooscope
12-Lead EKG/ECG
Wireless Pulse Oximeter
Blood Pressure Pump & Cuff

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Caribbean Health Plus

Connecting the Islands to Healthcare

Collaborative Telemedicine Clinics serve to connect the remote islands of the Caribbean to specialists abroad without the cost of travel. CTCs are diagnostic telemedicine clinics that combine personal, quality care, diagnostic examinations, and remote specialty consultations via telehealth. Staffed by a medical professional, these centers serve to satisfy both pre-operative and post-operative examinations reducing overhead costs typically associated with unnecessary travel and lengthy stays abroad. CTCs provide an immersive experience with the remote physician while maintaining a level of care that can only be provided by an in-person medical professional.

Product Details

CSI Health’s Virtual Telemedicine Hub integrates hospital-grade peripherals at the remote point of care, providing actual biometric diagnostics for use in telehealth-based consultations.

Customers can choose to integrate directly into their medical records system (EMR/EHR), transmit the data to secure, HIPPA compliant servers either on premises or in the cloud, or through a variety of other secure file transfer methodologies. We consult with each customer to design a custom solution from data capture to transmission. We can also work with each client to design a custom UI/UX that is privately branded and fits within pre-established brand standards.

Standard Devices

  1. Laptop or Tablet
  2. Wireless Pulse Oximeter
  3. Infrared Thermometer
  4. Blood Pressure Cuff
  5. Wireless HD Dermascope
  6. Wireless HD Otoscope
  7. Storage Compartment
  8. Top Plate

Premium Devices

  1. Spirometer
  2. 12-Lead EKG