Are you a healthcare professional asking yourself the following questions?

How do you reach more patients wherever they are located? How do you provide the best point of care possible in a mobile or remote environment? How do you adapt your business model to the new normal of telemedicine? How are billing and reimbursements affected in this remote examination environment? How do I leverage the systems and processes I already have in place while growing my telemedicine practice?

The Problem with Video-Only Exams

Over the last year, medical professionals, health systems, private practices, long-term residential care facilities, and home health providers began to establish business models that reach beyond the brick-and-mortar office, and into the virtual healthcare space. This same group reports being dissatisfied with the level of care being delivered to their patients over video conferencing, as well as the lack of reliability and security of that technology. There is no doubt that professionally administered, diagnostic telemedicine is at the heart of the future of telehealth. If you’ve seen the limitations of a video call as the only means of patient evaluation and are looking for something more, you are not alone.

How Do I Handle the Business Side of Telemedicine?
Every healthcare provider operates in a unique environment with specific requirements, goals, and budgets. It is important to understand and assess your needs and establish a business model that allows you to deliver a clinic-level quality of care. Obviously, the bottom-line matters to any business. To successfully take the next step in offering quality telemedicine you must first understand billing and reimbursements around telemedicine and establish ROI models customized to your specific application. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a custom solution that fit your needs and helped propel you into the world of virtual healthcare?


What CSI Health Can Do for You

We have seen the lack of diagnostic medicine taking place over telemedicine appointments and went to work. We have committed ourselves to help bridge the gap that remote-based health screenings have traditionally created. Effective, in-person testing provided remotely helps to provide better diagnosis, better patient care, and ultimately, increased patient satisfaction. To this end, we have designed a fully mobile, diagnostic-equipped solution to help you put medicine back in telemedicine. We call it the X-1 Mobile Unit.

The X-1 Mobile Unit is a self-contained telemedicine system designed to provide remote, diagnostic screenings while connected securely to a medical professional through a telehealth portal. The biometric data captured during a screening session flows seamlessly into the healthcare provider’s medical records system (EMR/EHR) through an optional custom API integration. Diagnostic devices currently available include Ultrasound/Sonogram, Digital Stethoscope, 12-Lead EKG/ECG, Dermascope, Otoscope, Pulse Oximeter, Infrared Thermometer, Glucometer, and Blood Pressure Cuff. The unit contains a high-speed laptop with a built-in camera and microphone, as well as ethernet and Wi-Fi options for remote connectivity. All the devices are contained within a military-grade, air-tight, water-tight, crush-resistant case.

Extending the Reach of Healthcare
The X-1 mobile unit is the first in a series of telemedicine solutions being developed by CSI Health. CSI’s X-1 Series of telemedicine solutions allow medical providers to access patients outside of their existing brick-and-mortar locations by offering health screening and diagnostic solutions that include not only a mobile unit but a freestanding kiosk and a fully enclosed virtual clinic. All of these solutions were designed to allow for increased diagnostic testing in any retail, remote, rural, or mobile setting.


Additional Features

Data Capture and Secure Transmission

Wouldn’t it be great if all the data captured during a remote examination was securely and automatically sent to where it needs to go? We thought so too. Need the data transmitted securely to your EMR/EHR? We can provide a custom integration into most EMRs to do just that. Need the data sent securely as a PDF for later evaluation? No problem. As part of the discovery process, we will establish the required flow of data to make sure it gets where it needs to go, safely.

Cutting-Edge Videoconferencing

Need to diagnose and consult with a physician(s) over a live telehealth session? We’ve got you covered. Invite medical professionals to connect to any session allowing them to receive examination results in real-time and provide professional care directly to the patient. Do you already have a telehealth conferencing solution? We are happy to look into integrating with your current provider so you can take advantage of our software while using the system you have already adopted.

Contact Our Team
The next step toward a robust telemedicine solution is to call our team of experts. We are excited to hear your plans and answer any questions you have. We will craft a custom solution to get you off on the right foot in the world of telemedicine!

At CSI Health we walk alongside healthcare providers as they venture into the rapidly expanding and ever-changing world of telehealth and telemedicine.