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Sunrise Clinics operates the School Based Clinic at Santa Rosa High School through a grant from the State of New Mexico. Sunrise Clinics provides medical services and mental health services for a minimum of 24 hours each week, promoting good physical and emotional health as outlined in NM Standards and Benchmarks for School Based Health Clinics. 

CSI Health has launched a public school pilot location in Vaughn, New Mexico utilizing the CSI MedHub product to improve the diagnostic point of care and provide their skilled medical professionals with the best information possible.

CSI Health and Sunrise Clinics are committed to positive health outcomes for both the students and faculty in the New Mexico Public School System.

School Based Health Centers

We partner with Healthcare Providers and Federally Qualified Health Centers to accelerate the implementation of School Based Health Centers. We help make sure that students have the diagnostic care they need and the opportunity to stay at school while receiving top quality care from medical professionals. By integrating hospital grade diagnostic peripherals directly into telemedicine workflows, students can get a full consultation from a local healthcare provider without ever leaving the school. 

Virtual Telemedicine Hub

Based on overwhelming customer demand, CSI Health has added a Virtual Telemedicine Clinic Solution to its list of product offerings. We integrate our custom Peripheral Device API and Peripherals into existing office and clinical spaces turning any room into a Virtual Clinic. We can configure the space to include immersive flat screen TVs to improve the virtual physician experience, or contain the workflow with a laptop or tablet.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to add telemedicine to your healthcare offering while including point-of-care diagnostic peripherals.

Hybrid Telemedicine Features

Integrated Diagnostic Devices
Automatic Biometric Data Capture
Synchronous Physician Consultations
Systems Agnostic, API-Driven Model

Hospital-Grade Peripherals

Integrated Diagnostic Devices Include:

Digital Stethoscope
Wireless, HD Dermoscope
Wireless, HD Otooscope
12-Lead EKG/ECG
Wireless Pulse Oximeter
Blood Pressure Pump & Cuff

Improving Attendance

When a student begins to feel bad, the priority for both the parent and the school is to consult with a medical professional. Traditionally, this involves leaving the school to visit a doctor’s office. We design school-based health centers where everything needed for a thorough evaluation of the patient can be done on school premises.

Providing Faster Treatment

For many common illnesses that students might contract, rapid treatments can reduce the length of presenting symptoms and being contagious. Expediting the consultation and resulting prescription can reduce the number of days a child is out sick.

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