Personal Care in a Telehealth World
We all know that telehealth has exploded in popularity during the pandemic, and as settling in as part of our “new normal.” The problem is that there are as many definitions for Telehealth or Telemedicine as there are readers of this article.

Phone consultations and FaceTime video calls can only provide so much diagnostic context. Many patients feel a reduced level of primary care when that point of care is delivered simply over the phone or the computer screen. There is no replacement for what can be learned at the bedside. Looking someone in the eyes and listening to the tone in their voice as they explain presenting symptoms is integral to providing quality patient care. Video conferencing is simply not a stand-alone solution for the healthcare professional as we move into whatever the “new normal” is going to look like. While it provides some time-saving conveniences, it creates an environment that produces a diagnosis derived from a sub-optimal examination environment.

Nevertheless, video conferencing has become an ingrained part of how we as an entire society now communicate. We conduct business, keep in touch with friends and family, some of us even celebrate holidays over the internet. As medical professionals, we must adapt and do it more quickly than we otherwise would prefer to operate. The patient population has rapidly become isolated. Physicians and healthcare staff have spent more and more time on every means of video conferencing possible, trying to maintain a high level of care while remaining physically distanced. Questions around billing and the codes and modifiers for reimbursements leave us in a cloud of confusion. So, with the advent of multiple vaccines, and the hope of at some point venturing out into public again, how can we as medical professionals be at the leading edge of telemedicine, providing the highest quality point of care possible? That’s where CSI Health comes in.


What CSI Health Can Do for You
We have seen the lack of diagnostic medicine taking place over telemedicine appointments and went to work. We have committed ourselves to help bridge the gap that remote-based health screenings have traditionally created. Effective, in-person testing provided remotely helps to provide better diagnosis, better patient care, and ultimately, increased patient satisfaction. To this end, we have designed a fully mobile, diagnostic-equipped solution to help you put medicine back in telemedicine. We call it the X-1 Mobile Unit.

The X-1 Mobile Unit is a self-contained telemedicine system designed to provide remote, diagnostic screenings while connected securely to a medical professional through a telehealth portal. The biometric data captured during a screening session flows seamlessly into the healthcare provider’s medical records system (EMR/EHR) through an optional custom API integration. Diagnostic devices currently available include Ultrasound/Sonogram, Digital Stethoscope, 12-Lead EKG/ECG, Dermascope, Otoscope, Pulse Oximeter, Infrared Thermometer, Glucometer, and Blood Pressure Cuff.  We are currently exploring integration with iStat to allow for mobile labs to be included as well. The unit contains a high-speed laptop with a built-in camera and microphone, as well as ethernet and Wi-Fi options for remote connectivity. All the devices are contained within a military-grade, air-tight, water-tight, crush-resistant case.

Extending the Reach of Healthcare
The X-1 mobile unit is the first in a series of telemedicine solutions being developed by CSI Health. CSI’s X-1 Series of telemedicine solutions allow medical providers to access patients outside of their existing brick-and-mortar locations by offering health screening and diagnostic solutions that include not only a mobile unit but a freestanding kiosk and a fully enclosed virtual clinic. All of these solutions were designed to allow for increased diagnostic testing in any retail, remote, rural, or mobile setting.

Professional Consultations
We know that the business model and individual needs of each and every one of our customers vary greatly. We know that integrating into various EMR/HER systems is complicated and takes time. We begin each client relationship with a discovery period to assess their needs and their business goals. We spend more time listening than talking in order to craft the perfect solution for each practice, physician group, assisted living facility, or regional healthcare system that we work with. We will help you develop a business model that allows you to not only take better care of your patients but capitalize on the changing landscape of healthcare. Call us today to schedule a demonstration and begin the conversation of how we can begin to help you.

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