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CSI Health


CSI Health Awarded Phase Two AFWERX SBIR Grant

Partnering with the Air Force for Innovative Telemedicine Solutions


San Antonio, Texas: On July 23, 2021, AFWERX named CSI Health the winner of a Phase Two Award through the Air Force’s SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) program. This comes after a successful Phase One engagement with Secretary of the Air Force Chief Data Officer (SAF/CO), Colonel Ernie Vasquez, as our primary customer, and the 16th Air Force Surgeon General (16th AF/SG) as the end-user. This non-equity, research and development grant allows CSI to research, develop, test, and evaluate military specific integrations and adaptations of our commercialized X-1 Mobile Unit for direct Air Force application.

“We are excited to begin this process with Colonel Vasquez and the 16th Air Force.  We believe that the development that results from this project will provide our Air Force with valuable tools for expeditionary diagnostic telemedicine and will enhance our overall commercial solution as well.” Richard Agee, Principal Investigator

CSI Health was selected from a pool of highly competitive applicants. After receiving the initial Phase One award, the CSI team spent the next four months engaging with leadership from each major command in the Air Force receiving input and gauging interest in an expeditionary adaptation of our commercial diagnostic telemedicine solution. With broad interest established, CSI partnered directly with the 16th Air Force Surgeon General to be the end user of the finalized solution. Phase II is designed to result in a production ready product solution available for military adoption and implementation.

“CSI Health is excited to partner with the United States Air Force for the advancement of healthcare technology that supports our warfighters. It is our goal to develop a product that makes it easier to take better care of those that risk their lives for our freedom.” Brad Bowen, President

About CSI Health: Founded in 1978 and built on a foundation of Health Screening Kiosk manufacturing, sales, and servicing, CSI Health continues to develop a variety of products that span the continuum of care from Preventative Wellness Screenings to Diagnostic Telemedicine. CSI Health’s two major product offerings include Health Screening Solutions and Diagnostic Telemedicine Solutions.