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Health Screening Solutions

Since 1978, CSI Health has been manufacturing, selling, and servicing Health Screening Kiosks to corporations, retail outlets, pharmacies, municipalities, government entities, and more. We have continued to innovate over time, including cloud-based access to biometric data and telemedicine connectivity.

Wellness and Diagnostic Screening Kiosk

LC500 Wellness Kiosk

Blood Pressure | Weight

Healthbot Wellness Kiosk

Blood Pressure | Pulse Rate | Weight | BMI

X-1 Health Screening Kiosk

Full-Featured Diagnostic Telemedicine

This simple but popular machine is the easiest way to add blood pressure and weight management to your facility or health awareness program. We also offer easy integration into any network for real-time collection and management of data. Utilize the Group-Stat system for increased data management capabilities.

Promotes wellness, health and safety for users thus reducing healthcare costs. Provides a snapshot of current health data and allows monitoring. Helps employers measure and monitor workforce health status. Provides important data that can help build results-oriented health promotion programs. Engage both employers and employees in the health management process for lowering and or eliminating health risks.


This cutting-edge healthcare kiosk allows healthcare providers an easy way to establish secondary locations for patient screenings and/or diagnostic testing while staying connected to the medical professional and the medical records system. Ideal locations for these kiosks include retail, pharmacies, government buildings, corporate wellness settings, rural practices, etc.


Body Fat: Body composition measured accurately using the non-invasive bioimpedance method.
Pulse Oximeter: Provides real-time evaluation of blood oxygen levels.
Barcode Reader: Provides convenient employee/loyalty card identification.
Magnetic Stripe Reader: Supports magnetic stripe based identification cards
Peripheral Input Ports: Infrared and USB (standard and mini) for interfacing with personal health devices


Blood pressure, Pulse Rate and Weight
Educational resource screens
Color coded results charts
Blood pressure guidelines display
Save and track user biometrics
Body Mass Index (BM I) Calculator
Internet ready
USB data port
Accuracy meets AAM I standards
Bilingual English/Spanish



Digital Stethoscope
12-Lead EKG/ECG
Pulse Oximeter
Infrared Thermometer
Blood Pressure Cuff

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