Caribbean Health Third Party Administrators has partnered with CSI Health to launch a new telemedicine service called Caribbean Health Plus. This new initiative will connect the residents of the island nations to diagnostic telemedicine solutions that will increase access to specialty healthcare. Combining automatic data capture at the remote point of care with remote specialist physicians, this new model will reduce the need for pre-op and post-op travel when surgery is required. The pilot location for this project is in Providenciales on the islands of Turks & Caicos. Located in the heart of this tourist destination, the clinic will be positioned to serve both the residents and the travelers alike. This is the first of numerous locations that will connect the entire Caribbean to quality, remote diagnostic telemedicine.

Collaborative Telemedicine Centers

Collaborative Telemedicine Centers are diagnostic telemedicine clinics that combine personal, quality care, diagnostic examinations, and remote specialty consultations via telehealth. Staffed by a medical professional, these centers serve to satisfy both pre-operative and post-operative examinations reducing overhead costs typically associated with unnecessary travel and lengthy stays abroad. CTCs provide an immersive experience with the remote physician while maintaining a level of care that can only be provided by an in-person medical professional.