Want to Provide Better Telemedicine?

How do you reach more patients wherever they are located?

How do you provide the best point of care possible in a mobile or remote environment?

How do you adapt your business model to the new normal of telemedicine?

What does billing and reimbursement look like?

At CSI Health we walk alongside healthcare providers as they venture into the rapidly expanding and ever-changing world of telehealth and telemedicine. As an industry leader in wellness and diagnostic telemedicine solutions since 1978, we consult with medical professionals, health systems, private practices, long-term residential care facilities, home health providers, even corporations and retailers, as they attempt to establish business models that reach beyond the brick-and-mortar office, and into the virtual healthcare space. We believe that professionally administered, diagnostic medicine is at the heart of the future of telehealth.

X-1 Mobile = Diagnostic Hardware + Integrated Software + Video Conferencing


Digital Capture of Biometric Data

No matter where you deliver point of care, our custom software collects biometric data from diagnostic devices and sends that information to wherever you need it. We have researched, sourced, and integrated some of the most popular, industry-leading, FDA approved diagnostic devices to integrate with our software. The goal of telemedicine is being able to go to wherever the patient is located, while still performing the same quality of care that you could in the office. We package these diagnostic devices in a rugged, water-tight, air-tight, military-grade case that rolls and even fits into an overhead compartment! We help you hit the ground running and reach new and existing patients in any environment.


Safely Send Exam Data Where It Needs to Go

Wouldn’t it be great if all the data captured during a remote examination was securely and automatically sent to where it needs to go? We thought so too. Need the data transmitted securely to your EMR/EHR? We can provide a custom integration into most EMRs to do just that. Need the data sent securely as a PDF for later evaluation? No problem. As part of the discovery process, we will establish the required flow of data to make sure it gets where it needs to go, safely.


Multi-participant Videoconferencing

Need to diagnose and consult with a physician(s) over a live telehealth session? We’ve got you covered. Invite medical professionals to connect to any session allowing them to receive examination results in real-time and provide professional care directly to the patient. Do you already have a telehealth conferencing solution? We are happy to look into integrating with your current provider so you can take advantage of our software while using the system you have already adopted.

Custom Reporting

Professional Web-Based Report Portal

If you don’t have or need and EMR/EHR we can simply make the patient examination data available via our custom web application. Simply log in and have 24/7 access to your data. This is particularly helpful for practices built on a store & forward model.